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The ageing process in the face involves several components that need to be addressed: loss of skin volume and skin laxity, redistribution of facial fat, connective tissue ptosis and muscle hypertrophy. All of the components require PDO threads. Tissue laxity and redistribution of subcutaneous fat contributes to (1) accentuation of the nasolabial fold and the …

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Skin laxity

Loose and excess skin is corrected with PDO Thread face and neck lift. In cases of significant skin laxity and muscle looseness, PDO or Cogsfacelift and neck lift will help achieve the most natural results. The placements cause minimal trauma and are almost always combined with PRP, botox and fillers.

Descent of Fat Pads

The face possesses certain fat pads that provide natural fullness and contour. As one age, these fat pads in the cheeks and under the eyes lose volume and begin to descend. The resultant effect is hollowness beneath the eyes and cheekbones along with deepening of the cheek folds and appearance of Jewels. These fat pads …

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Submental Fat

Patients who only need liposuction beneath the chin without a lift are generally younger without significant muscle or skin laxity. When performed in the lower face and neck, care is taken to avoid a hollowed look. Muscle Laxity – Platysma Muscle Suspension The platysma muscle sits beneath the skin of the neck and lower face, …

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