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Tinting the Brows

Once the brow lamination has been completed you can then tint the brows if the client requires it. You will need:Tint (natural brown is the most popular colour)Developer cream in 3%Dappen dishClean micro brushes or applicatorsTissuesCheck the manufacturer’s instructions for tint to oxidant ratio. We use the brand Bronson which requires equal parts oxidant to tint (1:1). …

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Trimming the brows

This step only needs to be carried out if your client has very long brows and does not want them to look too fluffy. Brush the brows into an upright position and carefully trim the tips of the hairs. Less is more here, take too much away and you risk leaving the brows looking patchy! 

Applying the lotion

You must refer to the manufacturer for solution timings as different brands have different processing times.  PLEASE NOTE: You cannot just use the lash lift timings, you need to check with the manufacturer what timings they recommend for use on brows. Not all lash lift solutions can be safely used on brows, so again CHECK …

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Applying any product to the face

1 – You must first make sure the brows and surrounding skin is clean and free from oils and make-up. Cleanse the area with an oil-free makeup remover such as simple. Cleanse the hairs using protein remover wipes to remove excess oils, this gives a deeper cleanse and better prep. Dry with a clean tissue. …

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Methods of Sterilisation

⦁ The main methods of sterilisation are heat, chemical and radiation.⦁ Sterilisation – the destruction of all micro-organisms.⦁ Disinfection – some destruction of micro-organisms.

The Epidermis

The Epidermis The epidermis is above the dermis and contains five layers. The cells in these layers go through a process called keratinisation as they’re pushed upwards and reach the surface of the skin.Keratinisation is the hardening of a cell caused by the production of a protein called keratin and the degeneration of its nucleus.These …

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