Welcome to your Biotin Online Training Course. This course will guide you step by step from the clinic set up to administer the shot and everything in between.

Biotin shots are a great treatment to offer in any aesthetic or wellness clinic due to being suited to a wide variety of clients, its cost-friendly and takes just 5 minutes to complete the treatment.

Online training gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn at a time and pace that suits you.

We are here to provide full support during your training and available via email and telephone calls where needed, be assured that at no point are you alone and are fully supported by a team of dedicated educators during your learning journey.

How does my course work?

Once enrolled there is a range of steps to be followed, beginning with your course materials this will be the main foundation of your training.

The manual will take you through the steps required to safely and effectively complete a professional biotin injection. This guide has the content and information to ensure maximum knowledge is given to you as the learner.

Once the course materials have been studied and you also watch the visual learning materials, these will give you the practical demonstrations on how to get effective results and complete a treatment to the best of your abilities.

Upon completion of the first two steps the third will be to complete your multiple-choice quiz. This is to test your knowledge and ensure the information and training provided has been successfully absorbed.

After completion of all sections of the course your online certification of completion with CPD points will be issued.

If you wish to receive a printed embossed certificate follow the link here.

Check that the name you registered on your account at the enrolment time here at All Training Online is correct to how you want your name on your certificate as it will automatically be issued in this name.