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Contra indication – Contra Action

Fever/high temperature – is a contra-indication that would prevent the treatment from happening because of the risk of a spread infection.  An increased circulation during fever rises the body temperature as a result of infection. Acute infectious disease – is a contra-indication to the treatment since it’s an acute infectious disease that includes the cold, …

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Theory Assignment

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Recommended Reading

We strongly recommend reading the following books to underpin and strengthen your knowledge of this subject.  Indian Head Massage 3rd Edition by Helen McGuiness ISBN: 978-0340946046 Indian Head Massage, The Essential Guide by Mary Dalgleish & Lesley Hart ISBN: 978-1495995798 A Beginner’s Guide to Chakras ISBN: 978-1493711062

Indian Head Massage Routine

Full routine quick reference guide Upper back and shoulders 1. Starting position with hands over the top of the client’s shoulders 2. Holding position over the top of the head 3. Effleurage/smoothing across the shoulders and upper back 4. Petrissage/thumb sweeping across the shoulders 5. Frictions with the heel of the hand rubbing around the …

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Post-treatment restrictions: A skin reaction, for example, an allergy to the particular massage oil. A cold press should be applied to the irritated area and the oil removed from the skin. Fainting can happen due to dilation of the blood capillaries which can alter blood pressure levels. Make sure the client is breathing normally and …

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Benefits Of Indian Head Massage

What could be some of the long term benefits of Indian Head Massage? The long term benefits do the following : Reduce and ease the effects of depression and anxiety. Lighten stress and muscular tension. Soothe headaches, neck and backache. Relieve eyestrain discomfort. Reduce mental and physical strain. Improve concentration levels, memory and mental alertness …

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Massage Mediums

Using oil is entirely optional when massaging the scalp. Oils for the head when applied are absorbed into the roots of the hair which connect to the nerve fibres leading to the brain. The benefits of using oil are the strengthening of the hair, eliminating dryness, relaxed muscles and nerves on the head, removed tiredness …

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What considerations do you take when preparing the environment?

To provide a relaxing environment that will make the client feel at ease it’s important to have suitable soft lightning, a well-ventilated room, comfortable room temperature, relaxing ambience, quiet relaxing music in the background, clean towels, bedrolls, a blanket, record card and pen, the products you use for treatment should be placed on the trolley …

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