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Dermaplaning Video

Please make sure that you watch the video at least two times before start practising on a model.

Dermaplaning Lesson 11

The Treatment Make sure that you have watched the video training twice and understood all steps of the treatment.Always make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare and set up your workspace before the client arrives.Begin by covering your client with blankets, removing their hair out their face and ensure that a towel …

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Dermaplaning Lesson 6

Anatomy of the face Our face shape is created by the underlying bone and muscle structure.The skin is the largest living organ of the body and therefore should be looked after and kept well presented.The skin is underlined by the skull,A skull is composed of two main parts – the cranium and the mandible.The cranium …

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Dermaplaning Lesson 5

Human Anatomy and Physiology The skin makes up around 12% of an adult’s body weight. It’s very adaptable and able to mould into different shapes, covering bones and muscles to perform various functions of the body’s make up.The functions of the skin are:❖ Sensation- main sensory organ for temperature, pressure, touch and pain.❖ Heat regulation …

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