Lesson Tag: Contra-actions

Chemical peel training course


Contra-actions are reactions of a client caused by a treatment taking place. You must explain to your client what/if any reactions to expect during/after the treatment. It is always advisable to do a patch test with products that you are using for the first time to make sure that your client is not allergic to …

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Brown Lamination lesson 9

Contra-actions These may occur during the treatment or after it has taken place. It is important to give your client full and detailed aftercare advice to help prevent these reactions.

Dermaplaning Lesson 10

Contra-indications/Contra-actions Contra-indications are the presence of a condition which may make the client unsuitable for treatment. The treatment may not take place, or it may need to be adapted. When treating a client if they show any signs of a contra-indication tactfully refer them to their GP for treatment or advice. Never tell your client …

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