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Recommended Reading

We strongly recommend reading the following books to underpin and strengthen your knowledge of this subject.  S/NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy, 2nd Edition by Jane Hiscock & Frances Lovett ISBN: 9780435451028 Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions – Glam Lash by Louise Prunty ISBN: 9781447884996

General Advice

Week One – The lashes should appear fuller and/or longer and should not require infill’s until 10-14 days after application. Week Two – As the natural lashes begin to shed, the eyelashes will begin to look less full and the client should book for an infill appointment Week Three – If maintenance was carried out …

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To maintain the lashes after application you should give the following advice to your client. Do not use waterproof mascara NON-waterproof mascara should be used no more than twice a week Only non-oily makeup remover should be used Clients can clean the lashes using warm soapy water, and pat dry. Do not use cotton wool …

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Lash Extension Removal

Your client will return to have her lashes removed when required.  If for any reason the lashes are causing discomfort or irritation they should also be removed. You will need: Non-Oily Make-Up Remover Disposable mascara brush Micro Brush Sponge Applicator Eyelash Adhesive Remover solution Clear Glaze  Have the client semi-reclined (almost upright sitting position). Gently …

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Eyelashes naturally shed on a cycle of approximately 28 days. After approximately two weeks the lashes will need to be in-filled.  Use the same method as listed about to apply lash extensions to the natural lashes that have lost the extensions.  Remember to clean away any makeup before you begin, and only apply pre-treatment to …

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Lash Application Procedure

A patch test should be carried out 24-48hr’s before treatment Ensure that your area is prepared with all the necessary tools.  Cover jade stone with two strips of micropore tape. Position your client (laying) on the beauty couch with hair secured away from the face and examine the client’s eye area.  Note the shape of …

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Eye Shape

You can offer a variety of styles on your treatment menu.  A full set of lashes (approx 70 to 100 lashes) consists of extensions being applied to all of the upper lashes.  A half set of lashes (approx 30 to 50 lashes) consists of extensions being applied to every 2nd or 3rd lash, resulting in …

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Choosing Lashes

The length and thickness of the customer’s lashes will limit the type of lashes that can be applied.  Synthetic lashes that are too thick will cause the natural lashes to drop if they are not strong enough to hold them, and the same will happen if a long lash is applied to a very short …

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Before beginning your treatment you should find out what kind of lash extensions your customer is hoping for?  Does she want a glamorous look or just a natural longer lash?  After completing the record card and consultation, ensure that your customer is suitable to receive the treatment and then ask her what are the results …

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