Lesson Category: Brown Lamination Course

Brown Lamination Lesson 13

Client Aftercare Your client needs to follow these steps to maintain their brows and to treat the freshly waxed skin.⦁ Do not apply make-up or receive any other brow treatments for 48 hours after your treatment.⦁ Avoid rubbing or playing with the brows.⦁ Avoid swimming/sauna for 48 hours (the heat can cause the lamination to …

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Brown Lamination Lesson 12

Waxing the Browns Cleanse the area to remove oils from the skin to ensure the wax adheres properly (you can skip this step if you have just tinted the brows as they will already be clean).Test the temperature of the wax on the inside of your wrist.Apply the wax to the brow hairs that are …

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Brown Lamination Lesson 11

Carrying out the lamination treatment. Preparation You must first assess your client’s brows. What shape are you trying to achieve? Some clients may prefer a very fluffed up look, while others may not want such a dramatic finish. Brow Design/Mapping the brow shapeWhen it comes to the ‘perfect brow’ there are so many elements to …

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Brown Lamination Lesson 10

Brown Lamination Client Consultation Client consultation is essential before carrying out any brow treatment. You need to:⦁ find out their medical history to ensure that they are suitable to have the treatment and if there are any restrictions.⦁ You need to find out what they are expecting from their waxing treatment and what previous waxing …

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Brown Lamination lesson 9

Contra-actions These may occur during the treatment or after it has taken place. It is important to give your client full and detailed aftercare advice to help prevent these reactions.

Brown Lamination lesson 8

Contra-Indications Before carrying out each waxing service, you will need to carry out a full and detailed consultation with the client. Checking for contra-indications is a necessary part of the therapist’s role – being able to identify contraindications will mean that you can treat clients successfully without making conditions worse and putting your clients at …

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Brown Lamination lesson 7

Hygiene and Sterilisation Hygiene and sterilisation in the salon are extremely important. This applies not only to the skin being treated but everything that is likely to come into contact with the client and the surfaces those things are stored on.The two main conditions against which the therapist must guard are AIDS and hepatitis, both …

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Brown Lamination lesson 6

The Hair Growth Cycle Hair does not grow at the same rate all over the body. Each stage of hair growth lasts for a different length of time. There are three different stages of hair growth. ANAGEN: Early anagen and anagen are often referred to as the active stages of hair growth. The follicle is …

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