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Next Steps

Congratulations you have now completed the first stages of your training, these are the next steps to completing your course.In the next lesson, you will watch the training step guide found in practical demonstration. This will show you a Biotin shot in action.And at last, The Theory Assignment – This is a multiple-choice option to …

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Shopping List

2ml SyringeA Blue injection needle 23g 30mmGreen drawing up needle 21g 1.5”Biotin ampulesNitrile glovesAlcohol wipesGauze or cotton wall ballsDisposable kidney dish


Pricing always ranges on all treatments because of a range of factors including location, outlays, and how much profit one would like to make. The average cost of the treatment is £15. The average charge for this treatment is between £30 and £60 a shot.


Giving correct aftercare will aid concerns that the client may have and ensure they reduce any associated risks:Your treatment area may feel stingy burning and generally uncomfortable for at least 30 minutes post-treatment.The treatment area may feel achy for the next several hours.Avoid wearing tightly fitted clothing.Keep the treatment area dry for at least 5 …

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Step By Step

Carry out full consultation check the medical history and contraindications.Ask the client to stand up and to slightly pull down trousers to reveal Gluteus Medius muscle.Cleanse the area with an alcohol wipe.Prepare syringe.Snap vial head and draw up 2ml of Biotin.Change the needle on the syringe from 23g x 1” drawing up to 25g x …

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Injection Site Deltoid

Biotin shots are not as commonly administered to the deltoid muscle of the arm due to the product discomfort level the gluteus muscle would be the preferred method. If the deltoid is the chosen option for the client the intramuscular injection will be administered approximately 5cms from the top of the humerus.Pick the muscle-up between …

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Product Access

Biotin unlike many other vitamins is not a prescription-only medicine and is available to purchase in large quantities and at a relatively small cost.Biotin is available at all major aesthetic pharmacies and keeps stock available in general for next day delivery.A prescriber will be made available upon completion of this course should you need one …

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Side Effects

Excessive Biotin intake can cause:Weakness.Headache.Nausea.Dry mouth.Constipation.Abdominal pain.

Using The Correct Product

Using good quality pharmacy bought products are vital to ensure that you do not breach insurance or used something that may not be CE approved and deemed safe for professional use.Dosage & Administration Biotin (vitamin H) 0.5% 2ml vial should be drawn and administered intramuscularly. Biotin intramuscular is designed to be administered in the clinic …

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