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Theory Assignment

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BB Glow Aftercare

It is very important to give your client clear instructions about what to expect and what to do at home in order the get the best from their treatment, as it will prolong the effects of the treatment. There’s no downtime with the treatment, so you can resume your normal routine. Some clients may experience …

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The Treatment

Always make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare and set up your workspace before the client arrives. Pre-treatment advice Skin make up free Avoid auto-immune therapy or products 12 hours prior Avoid the sun for 24 hours prior Begin by covering your client with blankets, removing their hair out their face and …

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BB Glow Contra-Actions

Contra-actions are reactions of a client caused by a treatment taking place. You must explain to your client what/if any reactions to expect during/after the treatment. It is always advisable to do a patch test with products that you are using for the first time to make sure that your client is not allergic to …

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BB Glow Contra-indications

Ideal clients for BB Glow treatment Dull, unhealthy and un-even complex Acne and post-acne Large pores Age spots Freckles Hypopigmentation (discolouration) Hyperpigmentation (darker) Contra-indications are the presence of a condition which may make the client unsuitable for treatment. The treatment may not take place, or it may need to be adapted. When treating a client …

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Client Consultation

A consultation is a one to one discussion with your client which allows you to find out the important and confidential information that will help you advise and give clients the best treatment. Always introduce yourself to your client and treat clients taking into consideration general well-being, i.e. health, emotional, physical and mental states. You …

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Human Anatomy and Physiology

The skin makes up around 12% of an adult’s body weight.  It’s very adaptable and able to mould into different shapes, covering bones and muscles to perform various functions of the body’s make up. The functions of the skin are: Sensation- main sensory organ for temperature, pressure, touch and pain. Heat regulation – Regulates the …

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This greatly reduces pathogenic bacteria on work surfaces, this method is not suitable for skin, hair or nails. Disinfection is used on floors, work surfaces, work stations, walls, bowls. Methods of hygiene and sterilising for specific tools Towels – 60° minimum laundry wash Large bowl – Chemical sterilisation between each client Small bowl – Chemical …

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Sterilising Equipment

Micro-organisms that may cause disease must be controlled through cleaning, sanitation, sterilisation or disinfection. Sanitation Reduces the number of pathogen bacteria. The lowest form of decontamination and is safe to use on the skin. This process removes dust, dirt and organic matter along with a large proportion of micro-organisms from an object. Sanitation is essential …

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