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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the courses are non-refundable as you will get access to all lessons and material as soon as you make the payment. (the only circumstance we would provide a refund is that if for a technical issue we became unable to provide the lessons. We also required 48 hours to try to fix the problem.)

How do I get a certificate?

The online certificate is provided at the end of the training course. There’s an option for a printed embossed certificate, a small fee applies to cover costs of material, printing, and posting. If you would like to receive a printed certificate just follow the link. Printed certificate

Yes, in every curse you will find the theory lessons and the video lesson.

Yes, there is a test, at the end of the theory part of each training course you will find a test. You need to score 80% in order to pass. the certificate is issued after all lessons are marked as completed and the test is also completed.